Michael Yocius

Michael Yocius

Michael "Tone" Yocius

The University of Iowa
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Iowa City, IA 52242
Telephone: (319) 248-1100
Email: micheal-yocius@uiowa.edu

Michael Yocius is a Graduate Research Assistant at the Operator Performance Laboratory. He develops software that is used in human factors studies at OPL. Majority of this software is used for collect and analysis of data from simulators, airplanes, automobiles, eye tracking systems, EEG amplifiers and other physiological sensors.

As an undergraduate student Michael had a focus area in Information Engineering. He has a strong class room background in signal processing, control theory, communication theory, wireless communication, and image processing. As a graduate student he has applied techniques from that classroom background to processing eye tracking data, EEG signals, and EKG signals. He has also done projects with Ground Proximity Systems, computer vision, experimental vehicle display, image processing, experimental Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), database system design and data mining.

Michael completed his Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering in May 2012 from the University of Iowa. He has passed his PhD Qualifier and is working on a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering.