Nate Smith

Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith

The University of Iowa
Operator Performance Laboratory

Iowa City, IA 52242
Telephone: (319) 248-1100

Nathan joined the Operator Performance Laboratory’s (OPL’s) team in September of 2017. He currently works as a Research Assistant and is also a student at the University of Iowa College of Engineering. Nathan will graduate in the fall of 2018 BSE in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with a focus in Software Design and a minor in Business. For over 12 years, before and during his attendance in engineering school, Nathan worked as a state licensed Journeyman Wireman. During his time as an electrician, Nathan was primarily responsible for the service and repair of home and commercial wiring systems. At the OPL, Nathan has been engaged in projects that aim to combine multiple embedded systems into single data collection sources with the intent of creating models of agriculture equipment. He is also engaged in using our CATS technology to assess learner workload as a contributor to pedagogical learner states. Nathan is interested in avionics research as well as the human factors aspect of the research done at the OPL.

As a student, Nathan was a member of a design team that was able to provide our Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) the ability to track live airborne entities, within our airspace and in real time. They were then able to use this data to inject those live entities into our LVC as Distributive Interactive Simulation (DIS) Entity State Protocol Data Units (ESPDUs). Outside of work he enjoys the outdoors and family outings.